How To Order

We are now taking orders for the 2016 Holiday Season. Check out the different sizes, types and prices of the houses on this site. If you would like to order a house or houses fill out an order form (the fields in the pdf can be filled out electronically) and then email Allison the form and any details about your order at

7 days notice for an order is wonderful, but if you've just found
*My Gingerbread House* and need an order sooner, contact me now!

The last day for orders this year with be December 15th, and the last day for delivery or pick-up will be December 20. After that, the elves must rest before the big day!

Orders must be paid for at the time of delivery or pickup. Cash and checks are accepted.

Delivery is available, but only for places in and around the Washington D.C. area. Delivery Rate is $.50 per mile (one way) from 20874 zip code.

We Look Forward To Working With You!